Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Hockey Ends In the Worst Way for Caps Fans

Did it really HAVE to happen that way? It could have been anyone else and we could have taken the defeat. Sure, we wanted the U.S. to win, but we accepted the fact that Canada is a great team and could beat us. But WHY did it have to be HIM? I know many of my friends and people on Facebook are saying the same thing. Why did Sidney Crosby (a.k.a Crybaby, Crysby, Cindy, and worse names) have to be the player to score the goal? And of course it could not be in regulation. No Caps fans....Crosby HAD to score the game-winning goal in overtime of the GOLD medal game. Seriously, could there be a worse ending?

Crosby is hated in other parts of the U.S., but none more than the DC area where I live. This is because we have Alex Ovechkin, who is the greatest player in the NHL right now. Yes, I am biased as a Caps fan. But Ovechkin IS the BEST player. The numbers and play speak for themselves. I swear, I have never seen a player like him. He missed several games this year and still currently is tied with Crosby in goals (42) (remember Crosby has never hit 40 before), points (89), points per game (1.65) and plus/minus (43), and is 6th in assits (47). He is an aggressive player who is not afraid to hit you. He has also made some good defensive plays over the years, is a great leader as our captain, and the more electrifying player in the NHL. Crosby is a great player, but I do not see how people can put him on Ovechkin's level. If you still say Crosby is better, go check out some of Ovechkin's best goals vs Crosby's. After looking at his stats, watching him play, and seeing the crazy plays and goals he pulls off, it is no comparison.

So alas, it was not enough that Crybaby and the Penguins won the Stanley Cup, but now he scored the game-wining goal to win Canada a gold medal. Now we are going to have to hear about how great Crosby is even more than before. We have suffered through watching Crysby win a Stanley Cup and a Gold Medal already. He is going to be on ESPN all day. His unbearable face has been on homepage since the win. He is even on the NHL home page, which is supposed to have NOTHING to do with the Olympics, and until now, did not. Why does the media love this guy so much? Some of us are tired of hearing about and seeing him. Could they show him any more after the game than they did? What about all the other Canada players that gave great contributions to the quest for the gold like Perry, Getzlaf, Morrow, etc? They do not even mention the goalie Roberto Luongo.

The final goal is Crosby's only POINT in the last 3 games of the Olympics, but he is all we are going to hear about for years. He did not even register a point when Canada scored 7 goals versus Russia, and only had 1 point in the 8-2 crushing of Germany. And the goal to seal the deal was not a spectacular goal by any means. Ryan Miller COULD have stopped it. (By the way, all respect goes to Ryan Miller for his play in the Olympics and the MVP win). But of course, fate did not go that way. Crosby's annoying legend continues and the hatred of Caps fans towards him grows even more.

The good news, ladies and gentleman, is that the U.S. still took home the most Olympic medals with 37! Athletes, way to represent our country.


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  2. Crosby has already achieved every thing there is to do in hockey and he's still a kid

  3. Yep, but that does not mean he is a better player. His TEAMS were better. I guarantee if Ovechkin had been on those teams he would have won too, maybe even easier.